The Lens - Changing Perspectives

What do we do?

The Lens develops intrapreneurship, that is acting with the mind-set of an entrepreneur, but within existing organisations. Already a feature of leading companies such as Gore, Google and 3M, The Lens adapts this highly effective way of working and makes it relevant for mission-driven organisations.

Spanning boundaries, across private, public, and third sectors, The Lens creates synergies to help make sustainable impact for people in our communities.

The Lens shares ways of developing innovative and sustainable ideas to let more people benefit from services.

You can find out more about the types of innovations we unlock by watching our Impact video.


The Lens helps organisations to consider a change of perspective and how new ways of working could lead to innovation. Staff are encouraged to develop ideas on how to make their organisation better, more effective or more productive and bid for investment to put those ideas into practise. The Lens offers training and advice along the way. Read on to see if The Lens would work for you.

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