The Lens - Changing Perspectives

What is The Lens?

The Lens improves people’s lives. We do this through our Intrapreneurship Programme which develops staff and ideas in mission driven organisations.

We encourage the organisations we partner with to create new ways of thinking and working. Our work develops the skills, knowledge and confidence of staff at all levels to be more creative and help them turn their ideas into action.

Our job is to help people to think and see differently – you just need to look through a different lens.

“There is nothing out there like The Lens – it combines the best parts of the entrepreneurial ecosystem with the values of a mission driven organisation to develop people and ideas, no matter what sector or industry you work in.” Ken Barclay, Chair of The Lens Board and former Chair of RBS Scotland.

Key benefits of The Lens Programme

  • We develop new ways of thinking and working that help organisations respond better to challenges and opportunities
  • We encourage, challenge and support the organisations we work with to support and implement new ideas from front line staff.
  • We develop the skills, knowledge and confidence of staff at all levels to be more creative and innovative in developing new solutions.

“It goes way beyond delivering a service, it’s transforming peoples lives – that’s what The Lens is all about.” Jan Beattie, Deputy Director for Workforce Development, Alzheimer Scotland 

How it works


The Lens develops ideas and a sustainable mind-set of innovation, whilst building intrapreneurial skills and experiences. It offers a range of coaching, workshop and mentoring support, with emphasis on business modelling, value propositions, prototyping and testing, pitching and corporate storytelling.


Central to The Lens is a competition where participants have the opportunity to pitch their developed ideas before an internally-selected panel of judges in order to secure investment. We believe this competitive edge breeds ingenuity and innovation; however, all those who reach the final benefit from a package of support, so although there are winners, there are no losers.


Together with our partner organisations, The Lens makes provision for an investment fund which will be allocated to winning pitches. This funding, together with ongoing mentoring and support, will enable intrapreneurs to fully develop and implement their ideas; the result is innovative change which will improve lives.

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