The Lens - Changing Perspectives

The Lens Wide Angle

The Lens is a structured and disciplined process that develops ideas for innovation from the ground up.


This is the first touch point into The Lens programme where we engage with mission driven organisations. We take the time to explore what success looks like, what the criteria for investment will be (which will be used throughout the Programme), identifying Judges, and the size of the investment fund. 


For the intrapreneurship to be embraced throughout an organisation we know that Enablers play a key role in helping to create a supportive environment. To help create this environment we deliver a workshop aimed at senior and middle managers which explores how they can support intrapreneurship in their organisation. 


The launch phase of The Lens programme is an exciting time. To inspire staff to get involved, we support you to create a cohesive communication strategy to generate a buzz in and around the organisation and get people talking about partnership with The Lens programme.  


Once the launch is underway we continue to introduce The Lens programme through a series of emails called Flashbulbs. These are designed to be bite-sized chunks of information that introduce the themes of The Lens programme and can be easily consumed by your people.

We encourage you to set up Idea Stations in prominent places or introduce them into team meetings. The Idea Station is a simple tool that generates discussion and captures ideas that have been swirling around in people’s heads. 

It’s the first stage in generating innovative ideas that could make impact long term.


Activating Intrapreneurship is an energetic and dynamic process. In this workshop we  encourage you to generate ideas, consider value and think about how you can create new ways of thinking. Participants will leave with a fresh approach to developing ideas and how to turn them into action.


We know that potential intrapreneurs need encouragement and support prior to making that final decision to submit an application for their idea. 

Intrapreneurs are blazing a trail so the studios are specifically designed to offer valuable and friendly one to one support prior to making an application.


On completion of the application deadline, the Judges, who are peers of the Intrapreneurs, review the ideas submitted and select up applicants that best meet the criteria for investment. This panel is facilitated by The Lens to ensure that innovation is given the space to flourish.

Feedback is captured and fed back individually to both successful and unsuccessful applicants by designated Judges.


Up to 12 ideas and 24 successful applicants are taken through a series of workshops specifically designed to develop a growth mindset and intrapreneurial skills of the Finalists.

  • CORPORATE STORYTELLING – teaching intrapreneurs to talk about their idea in a compelling way that builds teams and momentum around them
  • BUSINESS MODELLING AND VALUE PROPOSITION – the vital building blocks required to build a sustainable business model
  • PROTOTYPING AND TESTING – introduces the intrapreneurs to user-led design, market testing and prototyping of their ideas
  • PITCHING – teaches intrapreneurs how to integrate what they’ve learned throughout the programme and transform this into an engaging and compelling five minute pitch


The Final is where all the learning comes together and is showcased. Intrapreneurs have the opportunity to pitch their developed idea to an audience of their peers and the judging panel, to secure investment.

It’s a high impact event filled with excitement and anticipation as the intrapreneurs pitch for investment and we take the time celebrate their achievement, dedication and hard work.


When Intrapreneurs successfully secure investment they are given skilled support, in the form of mentoring, spanning over a 12 month period to continue to develop their growth mindset and intrapreneurial skills as they work to turn their ideas into action.